Dr. Anne Sinning

Dr. Anne Sinning
Junior Group Leader
Institute for Physiology, University Medical Center of the JGU
Duesbergweg 6,  55128 Mainz
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 Research Interests

I am interested in developmental changes in cellular and electrophysiological properties of neurons within the early postnatal period. With the combination of electrophysiological and cellular/molecular biology we are mainly investigating the role of changes in electrical activity patterns for developmental apoptosis that naturally occurs in the first two postnatal weeks in rodents and the third trimester in humans. Here, we have a special interest in different neuronal subpopulations that undergo apoptosis to a variable degree and with distinct time-courses. With small cortical networks cultured on multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) we circumvent the complexity of the brain in vivo and have an easy-access model to also address questions regarding the development and functionality of small neuronal networks.

Key techniques: Primary Cell Cultures, MEA-Recordings, Imaging, IHC

Research system/organismPrimary cortical cultures

Five Most Relevant Publications
  1. Sinning A und Hübner CA (2013) pH and synaptic transmission (Minireview). FEBS Lett587(13):1923-8
  2. Koch D, Spiwoks-Becker I*, Sabanov V*, Sinning A, Dugladze T, Stellmacher A, Ahuja R, Grimm J, Schuler S, Muller A, Angenstein F, Ahmed T, Diesler A, Moser M, tom Dieck S, Spessert R, Boeckers T, Fassler R, Hübner C, Balschun D, Gloveli T, Kessels M, Qualmann B (2011) Proper synaptic vesicle formation and neuronal network activity critically rely on syndapin I. EMBO J 30:4955-69
  3. Sinning A*, Liebmann L*, Kougioumtzes A, Westermann M, Bruehl C, Hübner C (2011) Synaptic glutamate release is modulated by the Na+ -driven Cl-/HCO3- exchanger Slc4a8. J Neurosci 31: 7300-7311
  4. Leviel F*, Hübner C*, Houillier P, Morla L, El Moghrabi S, Brideau G, Hatim H, Parker M, Kurth I, Kougioumtzes A, Sinning A, Pech V, Riemondy K, Miller R, Hummler E, Shull G, Aronson P, Doucet A, Wall S, Chambrey R, Eladari D (2010) The Na+-dependent chloride-bicarbonate exchanger Slc4a8 mediates an electroneutral Na+ reabsorption process in the renal cortical collecting ducts of mice. J Clin Invest 120:1627-1635
  5. Kilb W, Sinning A, Luhmann HJ (2007) Model-specific effects of bumetanide on epileptiform activity in the in-vitro intact hippocampus of the newborn mouse. Neuropharmacology 53:524-33