Kathryn Elizabeth Fitzsimmons

Kathryn Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Group Leader (Independent Max Planck Research Group)
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1, 55128 Mainz
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Research Interests

palaeoclimates, terrestrial systems, Central Asia, geochemistry, geochronology

Key techniques: luminescence dating, inorganic geochemistry

Research system/organism: aeolian sediments

Five Most Relevant Publications
  1. Fitzsimmons, K.E., Sprafke, T. Zielhofer, C., Guenter, C., Deom, J.-M., Sala, R., Iovita, R. (2018) Loess accumulation in the Tian Shan piedmont: implications for palaeoenvironmental change in arid Central Asia. Quaternary International 469A, 30-43.
  2. Fitzsimmons, K.E. (2017) Reconstructing palaeoenvironments on desert margins: new perspectives from Eurasian loess and Australian dry lake shorelines. Quaternary Science Reviews 171, 1-19.
  3. Fitzsimmons, K.E., Iovita, R.P., Sprafke, T., Glantz, M., Talamo, S., Horton, K., Beeton, T., Alipova, A., Bekseitov, G., Ospanov, Y., Deom, J.-M., Sala, R., Taimagambetov, Zh. (2017) A chronological framework connecting the early Upper Palaeolithic across the Central Asian piedmont. Journal of Human Evolution 113, 107-126.
  4. Fitzsimmons, K.E., Marković, S.B., Hambach, U. (2012) Pleistocene environmental dynamics recorded in the loess of the middle and lower Danube basin. Quaternary Science Reviews 41, 104-118.
  5. Fitzsimmons, K.E., Stern, N., Murray-Wallace, C.V., Truscott, W., Pop, C. (2015) The Mungo mega-lake event, semi-arid Australia: non-linear descent into the last ice age, implications for human behavior. PLOS ONE 10(6), e0127008.