Dr. Floortje Remmers


Dr. Floortje Remmers
Institute of Physiological Chemistry, University Medical Center of the JGU
Duesbergweg 6, 55128 Mainz
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Research Interests

I am interested in the link between behaviour and brain processes. A major research theme in the Lutz group is the endocannabinoid system, with topics ranging from molecular signalling to metabolism and behaviour. My current project studies the role of the brain’s endocannabinoid system in innate and learned fear. For this we use the Cre/loxP system to achieve localized and/or cell-type specific conditional knockout and rescue of the cannabinoid type I receptor.

Key techniques: Behavioural tests (e.g. for innate and learned fear, locomotion, spatial learning), in situ hybridization, qPCR, immunohistochemistry, radioligand binding, AAV

Research system/organism: Mouse (rat, catfish, C. elegans)

Five Most Relevant Publications
  1. Soria-Gómez E, Bellocchio L, Reguero L, Lepousez G, Martin C, Bendahmane M, Ruehle S, Remmers F, Desprez T, Matias I, Wiesner T, Cannich A, Nissant A, Wadleigh A, Pape H-C, Chiarlone AP, Quarta C, Verrier D, Vincent P, Massa F, Lutz B, Guzmán M, Gurden H, Ferreira G, Lledo P-M, Grandes P, Marsicano G, (2014) The endocannabinoid system controls food intake via olfactory processes. Nat Neurosci 17:407-415. doi: 10.1038/nn.3647.
  2. Ruehle S, Remmers F, Romo-Parra H, Massa F, Wickert M, Wörtge S, Häring M, Kaiser N, Marsicano G, Pape H-C, Lutz B (2013) Cannabinoid CB1 receptor in dorsal telencephalic glutamatergic neurons: distinctive sufficiency for hippocampus-dependent and amygdala-dependent synaptic and behavioral functions. J Neurosci 33:10264-10277. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4171-12.2013.
  3. Ruehle S*, Rey AA*, Remmers F*, Lutz B (2012) The endocannabinoid system in anxiety, fear memory and habituation. Journal of Psychopharmacology 26:23-39. doi: 10.1177/0269881111408958.
    * These authors contributed equally to this work.
  4. Remmers F, Delemarre-van de Waal HA (2011) Developmental programming of energy balance and its hypothalamic regulation. Endocr Rev 32: 272-311. doi: 10.1210/er.2009-0028.
  5. Remmers F, Verhagen LA, Adan RA, Delemarre-van de Waal HA (2008) Hypothalamic neuropeptide expression of juvenile and middle-aged rats after early postnatal food restriction. Endocrinology 149:3617-25. doi: 10.1210/en.2007-1388.