Dr. Sven Horke


Dr. Sven Horke
Group Leader
Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Department of Pharmacology, University Medical Center of the JGU
Dept. of Pharmacology, Obere Zahlbacher Str. 67, 55131 Mainz
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Research Interests

Most of our research deals with the question how cell stress pathways, inflammation and redox biology impact on each other and how these systems contribute to human diseases. In particular, we are interested in cardiovascular diseases (thrombosis; atherosclerosis), tumour biology (cell death resistance; angiogenesis) and finally in inflammatory signalling of host cells in response to bacterial virulence factors. Our mission is to understand key cellular signalling events of clinical relevance. To this end, our projects use material ranging from cell cultures to mice and human samples. We cover a broad range of techniques and have several local as well as international collaborations.

Key techniques: Confocal imaging, FACS, qRT-PCR, redox biology, gene expression studies, vascular biology

Research system/organism: Human cell systems and specimen; mice

Five Most Relevant Publications
  1. Horke S, Witte I, Wilgenbus P, Kruger M, Strand D, Forstermann U. Paraoxonase-2 reduces oxidative stress in vascular cells and decreases endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced caspase activation. Circulation. 2007;115: 2055-64.
  2. Teiber JF, Horke S, Haines DC, Chowdhary PK, Xiao J, Kramer GL, Haley RW, Draganov DI. Dominant role of paraoxonases in the inactivation of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum sensing signal N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone. Infect Immun. 2008;76: 2512-9
  3. Witte I, Altenhöfer S, Wilgenbus P, Amort J, Pautz A, Li H, Förstermann U, Horke S. Beyond reduction of atherosclerosis: PON2 provides apoptosis resistance and stabilizes tumor cells. Cell Death Dis 2011; 13;2(1):e112
  4. Schweikert EM, Devarajan A, Witte I, Wilgenbus P, Amort J, Förstermann U, Shabazian A, Grijalva V, Shih DM, Farias-Eisner R, Teiber JF, Reddy ST, Horke S. PON3 is upregulated in cancer tissues and protects against mitochondrial superoxide-mediated cell death. Cell Death Differ 2012;19(9):1549-60
  5. Li H, Horke S, Förstermann U. Oxidative stress in vascular diseases and its pharmacological prevention. Trends Pharmacol Sci 2013; 34(6):313-19