Dr. Joel Meunier

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Dr. Joël Meunier
Junior Group Leader
Institute of Zoology, Dpt of Evolutionary biology, JGU
Johannes-von-Müller-Weg 6, 55128 Mainz
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Research Interests

My research aims at better understanding the emergence and persistence of social life in insects by studying (1) the behavioral processes regulating within-group conflicts, (2) how (social) immunity promotes the emergence and persistence of group-living, (3) the bases of recognition systems and chemical communication within and between groups, and finally (4) the reciprocal interactions between social/ecological environments and life-history traits expressed by group members.

Key techniques: Behavioral experiments, immunity measurements, chemical and microsatellites analyses, statistics (Meta-analyses), Field and laboratory experiments.

Research system/organism: Forficula auricularia

Five Most Relevant Publications
  1. Falk J, Wong JWY, Kölliker M and Meunier J (2014) Sibling cooperation in earwig families provides insights into the early evolution of social life. The American Naturalist 183(4), 547-557.
  2. Meunier J and Kölliker M (2013) Inbreeding depression in an insect with maternal care: influences of family interactions, life-stage and offspring sex. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26(10), 2209-20.
  3. Meunier J and Kölliker M (2012) Parental antagonism and parent-offspring conflict interact to shape family life. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B:  biological Sciences 279, 3981-3988.
  4. Meunier J and Kölliker M (2012) When it is costly to have a caring mother: food limitation erases the benefits of parental care in earwigs. Biology letters 8(4), 547-550.
  5. Meunier J, Wong JWY, Gomez Y, Kuttler S, Röllin L, Stucki D and Kölliker M (2012) One clutch or two clutches? Fitness correlates of coexisting alternative female life-histories in the European earwig. Evolutionary Ecology 26(3), 669-682